Crew Protect

We manage risk and enhance existing industrial workers safety systems by addressing lack of situational awareness, insufficient workers health and wellbeing data and environmental exposure risk.

Crew Protect system, Crew Protect

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What is Crew Protect?

Provides a holistic approach to Workers Wellbeing, improving safety outcomes and "human reliability"

Crew Protect leverages IIoT and AI technology to improve visibility and situational awareness for workers across hazardous operations. It also ensures that workers remain in a fit state through connected wellness features and fatigue management.

Crew Protect - enhanced crew protection, maintain worker safety

How SOL-X Crew Protect enhances workers safety

Through connected wearable features, SOL-X Crew Protect provides near real time visibility to front line workers operations and enhances workers situational awareness vessel wide.

  • Management of health and activity levels
  • GeoFence of hazardous work zones
  • Real time assistance during urgent situations

Problems that we solve

Benefits of SOL-X Crew Protect

Crew Protect - enhanced crew protection, work safety development

Real time workload management*

Work rest hour data that can be used to proactively manage workload and address fatigue


  • US$686 reduction in direct out of pocket expenses by preventing one work rest violation
  • Enhanced workload management across workers. Early alerts and preemptive intervention of workers fatigue

    *Near real time subject to worksite connectivity

Connected wellness programs

Live health and wellness data that help workers identify early trends and take proactive actions


  • Drives leading indicators for Shore teams and provides insights for corporate wellness programs
  • Improved efficacy of workers wellbeing programs enabled by near real time feedback from vessels to Shore teams.

Real time situational awareness*

Contextual alerts like GeoFence and Crew Finder that inform workers of surrounding risk in work environment


  • US$31,000 reduction in direct out of pocket expenses by preventing one injury incident
  • US$31,000 reduction in direct out of pocket expenses by preventing one medical incident

    *Near real time subject to ship connectivity

Workers wellbeing insights

Workers health and wellbeing leading indicators that can be used for corporate wellness programs and HSSE plans


  • Improve workers fatigue through a combined approach of new real time workload management, connected fitness, heat stress management and heart rate monitoring
  • Enable visibility to workers wellbeing to improve efficacy of HR wellness campaigns

Overview of SOL-X Crew Protect

How workers safety system works

Crew Protect system, Crew Protect
  • Is WiFi connectivity required for your system to function?
    Our solution comes installed as a complete turn-key package, including installation of ship-wide connectivity, to support an IIoT network and deployment of software and hardware.
  • Is your data secure?
    SOL-X recognizes the importance of information security and is dedicated to setting the highest standards necessary to protect its customers’ data and our its own software assets. We utilize world class platforms. Visit this link for the SOL-X Data Privacy and Security Policy.
  • Who can benefit from SOL-X Crew Protect?
    Seafarers and industrial workers in the Oil & Gas industry and in other hazardous environments.
  • Is SOL-X Crew Protect currently being used in the Oil and Gas industry?
    Our system has been rolled out and is being actively used on tankers by world class ship management companies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does your solution comply with data privacy requirements?

SOL-X's Crew Protect system adheres to data privacy requirements in the collection, use, processing and storage of personal data of end users. Visit this link for the SOL-X Data Privacy and Security Policy.

Can the system be adapted to meet our specific safety permit workflows?

Our system has been designed by maritime safety experts to meet industry best practices. Where required, we can discuss potential configuration options.