Control Of Work

A Control Of Work system that improves workflow turnaround time, enhances efficiency and allows workers to do jobs faster, on the go.

Solves the problems of inefficient paper-based forms; reduces probability of clerical errors and HSSE compliance issues. 

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What is Control Of Work?

Systems to ensure work is done efficiently and safely

A Control Of Work system enables near real time visibility to front line safety operations. This ensures improved workers situational awareness and compliance assurance of the right person, at the right location and at the right time working on the correct task.

SOL-X Control Of Work - for marine, oil and gas, and petroleum industry

What is SOL-X
Control Of Work

SOL-X Control Of Work System is an integrated software with streamlined workflows (Permits, Risk Assessments, Safety Checklists, etc.), data validation and authorized workers signoffs.

It ties the interdependencies of Control Of Work tasks into an integrated step by step workflow to improve compliance assurance and Control Of Work planning and execution

  • Improves workers productivity and turnaround times
  • Control Of Work planning and execution
  • Reduced data entry and compliance errors
  • Proactive workers behavior change and improved accountability

Problems that we solve

Benefits of using SOL-X

SOL-X - Control of work system, Control Of Work, control work, reduce risk with operational risk indicators


Ensures regulatory and procedural compliance to work processes and workflows with real time workers situational data


  • US$25,000 average cost avoided for compliance/safety incident
  • Streamlined digital workflows and ship shore connectivity, drive tangible cost savings.

Operational Excellence

Enhanced digital document management provides efficiency and allows workers to do jobs faster compared to inefficient paper-based forms.


  • 4,600* total man hours saved per vessel in a year
  • >=US$60,000* productivity value

    *Based on data collected from customer usage.

Safety Culture

Proactive workers behavioral changes through standardization of work procedures and safety indicators.


  • A fully integrated end to end mobile Permits To Work system which is easy to use, encourages the workers to follow the correct procedures, increasing operational safety and compliance.
  • Increased situational awareness of high-hazard jobs also motivates the workers to feel more accountable and engaged.

Audit Preparation

With a digital Permits To Work system, documents are instantly stored and archived on the local server and automatically tagged with searchable keywords. The system facilitates audit preparation with digital Permits To Work replicated from local server to onshore databases.


  • Documentary repository enables consolidated audit preparation in minutes
  • By eliminating physical paperwork, ships can operate more sustainably on an environmental and operational level.

Overview of SOL-X Control Of Work

Optimizes workflow processes, enhances compliance and improves efficiency

Control Of Work - enhance safety for confined space entry, helps with maintenance work and maintenance activities
  • What problems does SOL-X Control Of Work solve?
    SOL-X Control Of Work helps to overcome maritime industry’s Control Of Work challenges. 66% of maritime incidents and casualties are caused by human factors where Control Of Work is the top contributing element.

    Problems are:
    - Administrative and disparate systems
    - Lack of real time visibility to ongoing operations
    - Ship-shore coordination and challenges of compliance assurance
    - Lagging data
  • What benefits does SOL-X Control Of Work offer?
    - Digitally integrated Control Of Work workflows with improved workers accountability
    - Near real time workers situational awareness and wide visibility
    - Holistic overview of cumulative and high risk work activities
    - Compliance assurance of right person, right location, right time and right task
    - Improves productivity and turnaround times with remote reviews and signoffs
    - Leading indicators and pre-emptive
  • What are the features of SOL-X Control Of Work?
    - Integrated Control Of Work
    - Near real time operations monitoring
    - Compliance safeguards
    - Work On The Go
    - Reporting and analytics

  • What are the savings from SOL-X Control Of Work?
    SOL-X Control Of Work is integrated with streamlined step-by-step workflows, data validation and authorized workers signoffs. Based on feedback from our customers, they have saved up to 4,600+ man hours per vessel in a year, through our integrated permits and Work On The Go capabilities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the objectives of Control Of Work? 

A Control Of Work system improves safety outcomes and “Human Reliability”. Control Of Work is made up of Permit To Work, hazard identification and Risk Assessment, and isolation management etc.

What is the purpose of Permit To Work?

The Permit To Work is an essential part of Safety Management System for high-risk work onboard vessels. Permits To Work are used to manage many aspects of the ship’s operations, such as ensuring procedural compliance for high hazard jobs, reducing safety incidents, and mitigating overall risk exposure.

What should be considered in a Permit To Work system?

A Permit To Work system should consider the following items:
- The work to be done, the equipment to be used and personnel involved.
- Precautions to be taken when performing the task.
- Other workgroups to be informed of work being performed in their area.
- Authorization for work to commence.
- Duration that the permit is valid.

Is a Permit To Work system a legal requirement?

It is not a legal requirement.

Is WiFi connectivity required for your system to function?

Our solution comes installed as a complete turn-key package, including installation of ship-wide connectivity, to support an IOT network and deployment of software and hardware.

Is your data secure?

SOL-X recognizes the importance of information security and is dedicated to setting the highest standards necessary to protect its customers’ data and our its own software assets. We utilize world class platforms. Visit this link for the SOL-X Data Privacy and Security Policy.

Does your solution comply with data privacy requirements?

SOL-X's solution adheres to data privacy requirements in the collection, use, processing and storage of personal data of end users. Visit this link for the SOL-X Data Privacy and Security Policy.

Can the system be adapted to meet our specific safety permit workflows?

Our system has been designed by maritime safety experts to meet industry best practices. Where required, we can discuss potential configuration options.