SOL-X: Behavior Based Safety 4.0 system for hazardous industries

We enhance Control Of Work and help maintain workers safety culture for your workers' health and wellbeing through behavior based safety.

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What problems we address

66% of maritime incidents and casualties are caused by “Human Factors”

  • Highly administrative and siloed systems
  • Lack of real time visibility of ongoing operations
  • Lack of compliance assurance
SOL-X - behaviour based safety management, enhance your bbs program and processes
  • Lack of workers situational awareness
  • Hard to measure health campaigns
  • Inaccurate fatigue management

How SOL-X improves Behavioral Safety

Our Behavior Based Safety management system allows managers to optimize workflow processes

Control Of Work

Digitally integrated Control Of Work safety workflows with improved compliance measures.

Paper-based safety forms can be inefficient. SOL-X's enhanced digital document management provides efficiency and allows workers to do their jobs faster.


The estimated value generated from productivity gains alone, per vessel per year.

SOL-X Control Of Work - reduce unsafe behaviors and unsafe acts

Crew Protect

Improves behavioral safety and reduces unsafe behavior through enhanced visibility.

A lack of real time data around workers welfare can make it difficult for you to protect your team. SOL-X enhances on-site workers situational awareness during highly hazardous jobs through GeoFence alerts and Crew Finder.


How SOL-X works

Optimizes workflow processes, enhances compliance and delivers workers behavioral change with Behavior Based Safety management.

SOL-X - behavior based safety software
  • Where can SOL-X be used?
    SOL-X is used in the Maritime and Oil & Gas industries.
  • What problems does SOL-X solve?
    SOL-X provides a holistic approach to the Control Of Work and Workers Wellbeing in order to improve safety outcomes and “Human Reliability”.
  • Who can benefit from SOL-X?
    Anyone that can benefit from a Behavior Based Safety approach: Health Safety Environment, Health Safety Security Environment Manager/Specialist, Ship Manager, Chief Technology Officer/Architect, Director of Information Technology, Assistant Superintendent, Ship Owner, Fleet Director, Fleet Manager, Ship Operations Manager/Director.
  • How customizable is your solution?
    We understand your requirements first before proposing the solution package. We may configure our solution according to your needs and can explore pilot runs of SOL-X on your vessels and worksites first.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Behavioral Based Safety (BBS)?

It is a methodology in implementing safety programs which emphasizes on the risk-enablers that are created due to human factors. A Behavior Based Safety system can influence employees' actions and improve employees' safety.

What are the benefits of Behavior Based Safety (BBS)?

Behavior Based Safety can help to change unsafe behaviors in the worksite. BBS can help safety managers pinpoint both safe and unsafe behaviors in order to prevent incidents. A good Behavior Based Safety program also has the added benefit of improving a company's overall safety culture and improving employees' safety.

Are your devices safe to use in hazardous zones?

Yes, our devices are intrinsically safe and have been certified for use in Zone 1 areas on vessels and worksites.

Is SOL-X currently being used in the oil and gas industry?

Our system has been rolled out and is being actively used on tankers by world class ship management companies.

Is WiFi connectivity required for your system to function?

Our solution comes installed as a complete turn-key package, including installation of ship-wide connectivity, to support an IIoT network and deployment of software and hardware.

Is your data secure?

SOL-X recognizes the importance of information security and is dedicated to setting the highest standards necessary to protect its customers’ data and our own software assets. We utilize world class platforms. Visit this link for the SOL-X Data Privacy and Security Policy.

Does your solution comply with data privacy requirements?

SOL-X's solution adheres to data privacy requirements in the collection, use, processing and storage of personal data of end users. Visit this link for the SOL-X Data Privacy and Security Policy.

Can the system be adapted to meet our specific safety permit workflows?

Our system has been designed by maritime safety experts to meet industry best practices. Where required, we can discuss potential configuration options.