Connected Worker Health & Safety from an ATEX SmartWatch

An intrinsically safe smart watch for industrial workers to proactively manage their health and wellbeing; reduce risks of medical illnesses and safety incidents.

intrinsically safe watch,intrinsically safe smart watch, SmartWatch

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Reduces inaccurate fatigue management by providing early alerts and preemptive intervention of workers fatigue


The SOL-X SmartWatch is designed for use in hazardous areas

1. Crew Assist

It can be dangerous for workers to be isolated and work alone especially in hazardous environments onboard vessels.

The Crew Assist function enables individual worker to remotely request assistance from the Officer On Watch.

Workers location and details of the Permit To Work are made visible in near real time, allowing assistance to be rendered in a timely manner.

SmartWatch - enables higher employee protection with Crew Assist

2. Exposure Monitoring

Workers may be exposed to high heat working conditions in hazardous environments, resulting in heat stress.

The Exposure Monitoring function monitors workers’ exposure to heat in immediate work zones; measured as heat index score using temperature and humidity.

When workers are exposed to dangerous heat levels over a sustained period, alerts are sent; informing workers to hydrate and rest.

intrinsically safe watch, intrinsically safe smart watch, SmartWatch

3. Wellbeing Monitoring

Workers may suffer from fatigue and incident risks due to long hours at work and lack of physical activity.

The Wellbeing Monitoring function monitors Resting and Active Heart Rates actively and are displayed on the SmartWatch. The Activity Tracker feature tracks daily step goals against industry standards and promotes healthy living.

When Heart Rate exceeds safe levels, alerts are sent for workers to hydrate and rest when possible. The data can be used to more effectively measure and track efficacy of Corporate Wellness programs.

intrinsically safe watch,intrinsically safe smart watch, SmartWatch

4. Workload Management

Workers may experience fatigue due to long working hours and heavy workload over an extended period.

The Workload Management feature allows workers to conveniently record and track their Work Rest hours at the start of each shift.

The most recent past 48 hours of work time is summarized for workers, helping them to manage their working hours more sustainably in hazardous locations.

intrinsically safe watch, intrinsically safe smart watch, SmartWatch

Features of SOL-X SmartWatch

An intrinsically safe watch designed for hazardous work zones

  • Intrinsically safe SmartWatch for ATEX Zone 1
  • Waterproof and IP67 rating
  • Industrial grade 1.78” touchscreen
intrinsically safe watch,intrinsically safe smart watch, SmartWatch
  • Wide range of sensors measurement
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • 10-12 Hours battery life*

Note: More features will be coming.
*Subject to worksite environment conditions

  • Where can the SmartWatch be used?
    The SmartWatch is sold as part of an integrated Safety Management solution, SOL-X. The SmartWatch is ATEX Zone 1 certified and can be used in safety operations and managing worker wellbeing in hazardous work zones.
  • Who can benefit from the SmartWatch?
    Seafarers and industrial workers working in hazardous locations in the Maritime and Oil & Gas industries.
  • What problems does the SmartWatch solve?
    The SmartWatch enables connected wellbeing programs, provides near real time visibility to front line workers operations and enhances workers situational awareness vessel wide.
  • Can I buy the SmartWatch on its own?
    No. The ATEX watch is bundled together with our SOL-X solution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does ATEX approved mean?

Our SOL-X SmartWatch has official ATEX certification meaning it has been fully tested and approved to be safe to use in hazardous/explosive atmospheres.

What does Intrinsically Safe mean?

Intrinsically Safe SOL-X SmartWatch allows for safe operation in highly hazardous areas that may include flammable gases, powders or fuels. The standard ensures that it is incapable of triggering combustion or igniting any gases or fuels.

Can I buy the SmartWatch by itself?

No. This ATEX smart watch is used in conjunction with our SOL-X solution.

What are the differentiating features?

* Full android Operating System with extended battery life to support customized applications and long working hours.
* Custom built firmware/software with built-in safety operations applications, relevant to hazardous work environments (ATEX zone 1 certified).
* Specifically designed firmware and supporting sensors to detect extreme conditions and monitor worker wellbeing - heat index, accelerometers, noise detectors, heart rate monitor, step counter.
* Years of in-house development, with hundreds of hours of testing on live ships with industrial workers and seafarers.

Who created the SmartWatch?

SOL-X SmartWatch was conceptualized and created by our in-house speciality and expertise of hardware and software engineers, together with our own seafarers testing and validating the SmartWatch features for many rounds.