Oil & Gas Safety Management System

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What is Worksite Safety Management System?

Worksite Safety Management Systems ensure oil & gas companies practise safe operations on worksites. They protect the safety of the worksite and its workers, actively prevent oil & gas accidents, and keep the oil & gas environment safe.

Safety Management Systems often cover a few operating parameters: health and safety considerations, important policies and emergency procedures, training of worksite workers, worksite maintenance, and recommendations for improvement.

A Safety Management System therefore safeguards each and every worksite, and ensures that they comply with safety regulations established by relevant government authorities and international oil & gas organizations.

We improve safety in industrial worksites

2.8 million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses in 2019 
unchanged from 2018
708,700 were due to injuries or illnesses

Source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)/Survey of Occupational Injuries and Illness (SOII) 2019

How SOL-X Supports Safety Management Systems

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More Efficient Operations

  • Improves planning, execution, and workflow turnaround time
  • Automates repetitive and tedious safety management tasks
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Save Costs

  • Reduce substantial costs from occupational injuries
  • Reduce administrative and paperwork costs
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Build Safety Culture

  • Workers are more productive in a safe environment
  • Reminds workers they are also responsible for their safety
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Better Compliance

  • Establishes regulated work processes and workflows
  • Smarter detection of existing non-compliance

Upgrade Your Safety Management System with SOL-X

No more paperwork. Get started with our easy-to-use digital solutions as part of your Safety Management System today.

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Applications of SOL-X Solutions

Monitor Operations

Manage entire worksite’s workflow and safety compliance

Increase Situational Awareness

Inform workers of surrounding risk in work environment

Analyze Safety Operations

Make data-driven decisions to enhance safety

Manage Workers Workload

Use work-rest data to manage workload and address fatigue

Report Worksite Accidents

Make timely reports on worksite accidents, incidents, and risks

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See Us In Action: How SOL-X Improves Worker Operations

Learn how a leading worksite manager managed more than 5,000 workers using our industrial safety solutions.

What We Offer

SOL-X solutions are developed around the human element to enhance your worksite's Safety Management System.

What we can do for you

How SOL-X, part of Safety Management System helps to prevent work injury costs and time lost


Total cost of work injuries


Cost per medically consulted injury

days lost

Result of total injuries in 2020 and injuries in previous years

days lost

Due to injuries in 2020

Source: Data is from National Safety Council Injury Facts

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can our industrial safety solutions be used?

With our worksite wide network and good connectivity, our solutions enhance worksite Safety Management Systems and can be used anywhere on the entire commercial worksite.

Who benefits from our industrial safety solutions?

The entire workers can benefit from the enhanced safety. It can also assist in streamlining processes for Health Safety Security Environment Managers and Specialists, Production Plant Managers, Operations Directors, Chief Technology Officers and Architects, Director of Information Technology, Assistant Superintendents, Ship Owners, Fleet Director, Fleet Managers, Ship Operations Managers and Directors.

Do our solutions help companies comply with International Safety Management (ISM) and Singapore workplace safety laws?

SOL-X’s solutions play a part in ensuring that every worksite complies with the International Safety Management (ISM) Code, and Workplace Safety and Health (Risk Management) Regulations mandated by the Singapore government.

What is the difference between Control Of Work and Crew Protect?

Control Of Work is an organized system that improves worksite operations and workflow. Crew Protect focuses on safeguarding workers' health and well-being.

Both solutions synergize to improve oil & gas worksite safety and actively reduce worksite hazards by enforcing proper operational procedures.


SOL-X testimonials

3rd Officer

"SOL-X really helps me in maintaining a very good watch of the safety of the crew working on deck. I can actually see them, their whereabouts on deck or where they are on the vessel."

Chief Officer

"It’s a good system. I can see how many permits are already active in our daily work, and how much time is remaining for termination. I can easily monitor crew from SOL-X"


"When it comes to audit preparationeverything is archived. All I have to do is go to the dashboard, go to the archive, and retrieve the permit. And from the office point of view, I don’t have to sift any, scan or send emails. Definitely it saves a lot of time; saves the environment."

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