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Captain Daniel Alcantara
Head of HSSE and Solution Delivery

Dr. Grahaeme Henderson OBE is a leading thought leader and spokesperson in the shipping industry, with keynote addresses at many major International Conferences. He is the Chairman of the “Together in Safety” global coalition.

According to his latest interview, he highlighted the reasons why safety is so important and why it is his number one priority.

🔹 Shipping has one of the worst safety performances of any industry in the world. A UK study showed that one is five times more likely to have a fatal accident on a ship than in construction. Every seven days a week a ship is lost that means sunk.

🔹 Shipping incidents result in high cost to the industry. The dramatic increases in insurance premiums that have been taking place yearly and into the future – these will continue and these are the real costs.

🔹 There are also intangible costs when an accident happens like costs on management time, ship repairs, reputation of the company etc.

🔹 Seafarers have family and children like us. They work for us; they entrusted their safety in us. We are accountable for their safety so we need to look after them as if they are our family and children.

At SOL-X, our solutions are always designed in mind for the seafarers. Combining deep industry knowledge with IIoT capabilities and predictive AI, we focus on enhancing safety and compliance outcomes, increasing operational excellence and raising crew wellbeing.

We will continue to launch innovative new product features that leverage our IIoT data and AI capabilities to further our vision to build a safer maritime industry.

Captain Daniel Alcantara
Head of HSSE and Solution Delivery

30Y+ experience in leadership positions with NOL and AET Ship Management Head of Documents & Systems, Marine Superintendent & HSSEQ Master COC, Class 1


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