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Samuel Chan
Senior Business Analyst

SOL-X by SOL-X is an industry leading Behavioral Based Safety system that combines an enhanced control of work with a holistic approach to crew wellbeing, in order to improve worker health and safety culture. This solution enables ship managers to optimize workflow processes, enhance compliance, and effect crew behavioral safety change onboard vessels. The SOL-X control of work module is a complete end-to-end, fully integrated system covering digital Permits to Work, risk assessment and isolation/barrier management of high-hazard jobs onboard the vessel.


  • Substantial Productivity Time Gains

Takes an average of one hour per Permit To Work per crew which allows them to rest or carry out higher value tasks. The manhours saved become considerable and scalable, contributing to faster ROI.

  • Cost Savings

Value generated from productivity gains alone can range from US$60,000* to US180,000 per vessel per year. Digital PTW system removes daily repetitive, low-value manual work and upgrades into a more efficient process.  This is aside from improved operational visibility, reduced risk, and enhanced compliance with maritime regulations – benefits that vessels can gain by moving from a paper-based to a digital PTW solution.

Quantitative Benefits of SOL-X

Benefits (Qualitative)

  • Compliance and Safety

Cumbersome and incohesive paperwork, as well as an environment unconducive for completing paperwork, often disincentivizes crew to strictly follow safety processes, and even encourages them to bypass these steps altogether. Taking shortcuts and creative license to complete the tasks are factors that increase the risk of non-compliance to Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). A fully integrated, end-to-end mobile PTW system which is easy to use, encourages the crew to follow the correct procedures, increasing operational safety and compliance.

The typical PTW process tends to place emphasis on the completion of the task, instead of identifying and mitigating the hazard. Pre-identified risks and the sharing of best practices across the fleet through digital risk assessment standardize the interpretation of risks and mitigation – levelling the experience of junior and senior crew members, and ultimately raising the overall safety standards across the fleet.


SOL-X also provides greater assurance that Control of Work processes are followed. Tracking jobs alongside peripheral information (including crew, location, and ship time) delivers an added layer of security of knowing who, what, where and when, giving managers access to behavior-based safety information. Increased situational awareness of the high-hazard job also motivates the crew to feel more accountable and engaged throughout the process.

Enables behavior-based safety by knowing Who, What, Where, and When

Officers and Ship Managers traditionally do not have access to immediate, automated, and reliable data, which contributes to ineffective decision-making. With the digital PTW system, Officers, Ship Managers and even the crew will have access to high-hazard jobs information throughout the vessel. This provides visibility to manage simultaneous and potentially conflicting risky jobs, and handle resources associated with each job, in order to minimize stress and fatigue. By increasing accountability, discipline, compliance, and awareness, the digital PTW system ultimately reduces safety-related incidents.

  • Competitive Advantage

Beyond regulatory reviews, the maritime industry is also challenged on a commercial front to improve crew safety and welfare. With a means for structured evaluation of Safety Management Systems (SMS) through the Tanker Management and Self-Assessment (TMSA) program, oil companies actively seek out ship partners who align with their values and aspirations for a safer maritime work environment. As the continuous improvement cycle is at the core of TMSA, the program “is designed to help companies continually improve their SMS through regular self-assessment”[1]. The SOL-X PTW system provides real-time data and the means to continuously analyze high-risk operations onboard through leading indicators and crew safety behavior, in addition to sharing best practices across the fleet, giving ship operators a distinct advantage over peers.

A solution customized for the maritime industry, SOL-X reduces risk of work onboard the vessel, increases regulatory compliance, and improves productivity of the crew and shore management staff. By collecting and analyzing peripheral vessel data, such as crew location and activity time stamps, SOL-X further enhances visibility of operations onboard vessels, and promotes a safer crew culture by providing valuable insights from the data to the right audience at the right time. The considerable manhours saved from safety operations by deploying a digital PTW system lead to a faster ROI above, and beyond the safety and compliance value.


* Based on data collected from customer usage of SOL-X

[1] OCIMF (2017). Tanker management and self-assessment.

Samuel Chan
Senior Business Analyst

7Y+ experience in business analysis, leveraging on technical and strategic skills with a focus on human-centered innovations and emerging technologies.


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