IoT For All - "SOL-X Introduces ATEX Certified SmartWatch Custom Built for Safety Operations and Managing Wellbeing"

September 2, 2021

Integrated with the platform, the SOL-X ATEX Certified SmartWatch transforms operations by extending safety and health intelligence to the edge. It enables connected wellbeing programs, provides real-time visibility to front line crew operations, and enhances crew situational awareness vessel-wide. The SOL-X SmartWatch is ATEX Zone 1 Certified for use in hazardous environments.

“The SOL-X SmartWatch was developed with seafarers in mind. Our team of maritime and safety experts saw a clear need to use technology to operationalize behavior-based health and safety principles at scale,” said Nigel Koh, Chief Executive Officer of SOL-X. “Seafarers are now empowered to take ownership of health and safety outcomes, while the shore teams can gain assurance of the right job being done by the right person, at the right place and at the right time”.

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