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Gladys Ng
Product Marketing Manager

SOL-X at the Global Maritime Conference Online 2020

SOL-X, a safety and risk management company, is excited to participate in the Global Maritime Conference (GMC) Online 2020. Nigel Koh, the company’s Chief Executive Officer, is scheduled to speak about ‘Operating in a Safer, More Productive And Sustainable World With SOL-X’ on Wednesday, 9 December 2020 at 10:50p.m. SGT (15:50p.m. CET)

Nigel brings with him over 18+ years of industrial safety and technology experience. According to EMSA, in 2019, 66% of incidents and injuries in maritime can be attributed to “Human Factors”. Nigel will share how technology can enable a more holistic approach to the Control of Work to raise safety standards. This approach provides ship owners, ship managers and the crew compliance assurance of safety process along with new data to observe and enable behavioral base safety  

SOL-X product – SOL-X, is an leading Behavioral Based Safety system combining near real-time worker situational data with the Control of Work, improving worker health and safety culture. The most compelling benefits of the game-changing technology include:

· improved operational excellence which brings about time savings of 50% for control of work planning, execution, and turn-around

· enhanced safety by reducing cumulative risk, improving crew situational awareness, and enabling near real-time line of sight for critical operations

· improved crew compliance to regulatory and safety processes through behavioral-based safety


To know more about SOL-X, find us or contact us

Come join us at the GMC to hear the full presentation of Nigel Koh. Please register.


About GMC

Organized by IGGS Group, GMC is one of the biggest conferences on the maritime calendar. The latest GMC event in 2020 will host a long list of influential speakers and present the perfect opportunity to network with maritime executives from all over the world. The two-day conference is expected to bring together over 300 marine experts from around the globe who are passionate about shipping, including the challenges and solutions for the most pressing topics in the industry.

Within the key agenda this year is the topic of ‘Smart, efficient, advanced and compliant ship’. It is an opportunity to glimpse into the future and understand the technologies that matter, as well as how they will change the face of business and drive the new global economy. The need to work together to innovate, make ships compliant and adapt to the changing world to overcome challenges is even more crucial than before, accelerated by regulations and the Covid-19 pandemic.

Gladys Ng
Product Marketing Manager

15Y+ experience as an accomplished & results-driven marketing and communications exec with proven track record BSc. Mgt, S Dip. Digital Marketing & Analytics


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