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Muhammad Ashiq
Product Manager – Health, Safety and Wellness

Situational awareness is a hot topic today in the maritime industry. 66% of casualties in the maritime sector are caused by human error. Analysis of many maritime accidents at sea shows that situational awareness is one of the most important safety factors.


A lack of situational awareness can be caused by multiple factors, like fatigue, lack of overview or stress. This adds on to the fact that officers have an eight-hour watch cycle. When fatigue kicks in, a person’s response time and the ability to make decisions rapidly declines. In addition, the environment on a ship can be hazardous thus highlighting the need for crew to stay vigilant continuously and take care in their everyday activities.

We provide a holistic approach to the Control Of Work and Crew Wellbeing. Our SOL-X solution allows Responsible Authority to create geofences (virtual barriers) for fixed locations like pump room or dynamic locations linked to high-risk work from Permits To Work.

When crew member approaches a high-risk work zone, pre-emptive alerts are triggered on his SOL-X SmartWatch with task details such as purpose, time validity etc. At the same time, this activity also appears on the Dashboard, visible to Supervisors.

If a crew member is facing difficulty or is unwell, he can request remote assistance from the Officer On Watch using the Crew Assist function on his watch. This allows for assistance to be rendered timely, especially in lone worker situations.


🔹 Provides crew and supervisors with situational awareness and near real time notifications, preventing accidental entries for crew
🔹 Manages cumulative risk and improves barrier management
🔹 Captures leading indications for operational compliance and continuous risk assessments

SOL-X empowers the crew to take ownership and accountability of their health and safety while encouraging positive behavior. Contact us for enquiries and free demo at contact@sol-x.co

Muhammad Ashiq
Product Manager – Health, Safety and Wellness

10Y experience in O&G as field safety & health practitioner, environmental engineer and hands on operations M.S. SHE, B.Eng Env Eng, Dip. Chem Eng.


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