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Gladys Ng
Product Marketing Manager

Singapore – 6 April 2021. SOL-X is pleased to announce that its product SOL-X has been selected by Eaglestar to extend the human factors approach to safety and operational excellence.

SOL-X provides assurance of safety and compliance by promoting positive crew behaviour change. The system’s near real-time safety operations monitoring capabilities, integrated permits to work management and crew wellbeing solution provides a more holistic approach to improving safety outcomes and “human reliability”. In addition, the standardisation of best practices can increase operational excellence fleetwide, saving approximately 4,600+* man hours per vessel annually.


“We are pleased to be given the opportunity to partner with Eaglestar to meet the maritime industry’s ever-increasing demands for operational excellence, crew wellbeing, safety and compliance assurance. Today, 2 out of every 3 incidents and accidents in the maritime industry can be attributed to human factors. A paradigm shift is required to materially improve health and safety outcomes.”


“At SOL-X, we are pioneering Behavioural Based Safety 4.0. Our approach to enhancing the control of work with near real-time line-of-sight, improving crew situational awareness and wellbeing is unique to the market. As a result, our customers have experienced increased crew productivity, improved safety culture, and business competitiveness.” said Nigel Koh, SOL-X Chief Executive Officer.

Managing Director and CEO of Eaglestar, Captain Raja Sager said, “We are proud to deploy SOL-X across our managed fleet of over 67 vessels. Technology combined with the right expertise in the industry of ship management is pivotal in marking a new benchmark especially in the way we advance ourselves digitally. We are also confident that SOL-X can further heighten crew operational excellence with an integrated solution centred around human factors.”


*Number is approximate and may differ depending on customer’s current practices. Based on data collected from customer usage of SOL-X.


About SOL-X

SOL-X is a leading Behavioural Based Safety company centred on human factors. Combining deep maritime knowledge with Internet of Things capabilities and predictive Artificial Intelligence, our focus is on improving safety and compliance outcomes, increasing operational productivity, and enhancing crew wellbeing. SOL-X is an industry leading Behavioural Based Safety system that combines an enhanced control of work with a holistic approach to crew wellbeing – improving worker health and safety culture.


For more information, please visit https://sol-x.co


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Gladys Ng
Product Marketing Manager

15Y+ experience as an accomplished & results-driven marketing and communications exec with proven track record BSc. Mgt, S Dip. Digital Marketing & Analytics


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