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Gladys Ng
Product Marketing Manager

Shell has partnered with SOL-X to trial the safety solution SOL-X on an LNG tanker to enhance crew safety management practice.

As part of its ongoing focus on health and safety, Shell has been increasing its use of technology to prevent accidents and reduce people’s exposure to potential incidents.

Common industry high risk incidents relating to working in and around high hazard environments such as enclosed spaces, hot work areas, mooring areas, and health related issues such as heat stress exposure, coronary stress and work rest hours are some of the areas that SOL-X is addressing.

The solution connects the crew via the safe wearable technology (SOL-X SmartWatch) which enhances operational visibility, Control of Work management and improves crew situational awareness of their personal wellbeing and safety in the line of fire.

SOL-X also aims to improve human reliability, operational excellence, and safety outcomes, while it helps operators automate workflows, improve productivity and operational excellence. It also provides assurance of safety and compliance by promoting positive crew behavior change.

During the trial, the system was adopted by the ship’s staff who were able to tailor the functionality to meet their specific needs. Some of its highlighted features include virtual barrier management and the ability to account for crew faster before the release of CO2 and during emergency drill mustering.

“We are excited to be collaborating with Shell in deploying preventive technology to improve human performance and evolution of shipboard safety culture … [SOL-X] will save operational cost in the long run and differentiate sustainable ship operators from their peers” said Paul Keng Teoh, Vice President of Growth.

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New tool launched to improve crew safety management practice

Image: Credits to Shutterstock

Gladys Ng
Product Marketing Manager

15Y+ experience as an accomplished & results-driven marketing and communications exec with proven track record BSc. Mgt, S Dip. Digital Marketing & Analytics


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