Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF) Human Factors Approach ~ A framework to materially reduce marine risk

March 12, 2021

The OCIMF has recently came up with this framework in October 2020, highlighting that incidents are caused by human factors at work. Further investigation highlighted that most mistakes, actions and decisions are the result of the way the workplace is set up, how work is designed, equipment, and control measures and how leaders influence the organizational culture.

On the other hand, human factors are the physical, psychological and social characteristics that affect human interaction with equipment, systems, processes, other individuals and work team(s). There has been an increasing focus on human factors in creating a step change in safety operations.

OCIMF aims to improve safety and environmental protection in the maritime industry by considering human factors when providing guidance and recommendations. This paper outlines how OCIMF will integrate human factors into its activities and contribute to making our industry progress on human factors. It includes:

  • A set of principles that guide OCIMF's actions on human factors
  • An overall goal for OCIMF
  • A framework to understand how human factors impact operations
  • Opportunities to take action

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