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Muhammad Ashiq
Product Manager – Health, Safety and Wellness

According to the World Health Organization and the International Labour Organization recently, long working hours have led to increasing deaths from heart disease and stroke – a 29% increase since 2000. It is established as the risk factor with the largest occupational disease burden.

SOL-X empowers the crew to take ownership and accountability of their health and safety while encouraging positive behavior change. Crew can proactively manage their workload and fatigue risk while enabling improved wellbeing through the SmartWatch. Their heart rate is also measured on their wearable and notifications are sent to crew, advising them to hydrate and rest when possible.

They can keep track of their working hours via their SmartWatch and supervisors can view summaries of working hours so that they effectively manage workloads to prevent fatigue.

In addition, our SmartWatch measures heat index levels using temperature and humidity while the crew is working, to help assess heat stress risks.

As a seafarer, he would want to know the current heat index zone so that he may take the necessary self-interventions while he is working. Heat stress management is critical as heat stress can cause heat injuries, impair work judgement etc., which can result in crew work accidents.

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Muhammad Ashiq
Product Manager – Health, Safety and Wellness

10Y experience in O&G as field safety & health practitioner, environmental engineer and hands on operations M.S. SHE, B.Eng Env Eng, Dip. Chem Eng.


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