Looking after Your Crew's Health and Wellbeing

October 14, 2021

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, statistics indicated that 20% of vessels per year were diverted due to crew illness. The cost for a medical incident can be well over $100,000 per diversion.

With the SOL-X SmartWatch, there are wellbeing indicators for crew to take necessary lifestyle change such as heart rate measurements, fitness tracker (which indicates crew’s daily steps taken) etc.

Crew would know their Heart Rate so that they can understand their current physical wellbeing status. If there is indication of fatigue, this will enable crew to act now - time to rest and hydrate whenever possible.

They are also notified via change of icon and transient information is displayed on their smart watch when target steps are achieved.

Together with a healthy diet and lifestyle, achieving and going beyond the targeted number of steps for the day and the whole week helps to keep the crew physically fit.

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