Key Benefits of a Fully Integrated Digital Permits Management System [Infographic 2021]

March 16, 2021 by SOL-X, combines an integrated digital Permit To Work (PTW) platform with near real-time visibility to critical frontline vessel operations. This can improve crew safety, enhance compliance to control of work practices, and increase operational excellence through streamlined workflows.

The purpose is to provide a framework to the crew, ship managers and owners for evaluating the benefits of a fully integrated digital permits management system enabled by real-time control of work data offered by our solution.

Key Benefits

* Increases crew productivity by freeing up an estimated 12 manhours per day per vessel.

With, PTW planning and execution are now more streamlined and standardized. This has resulted in quicker completion turnaround times for permits-to-work, risk assessments and safety checklists forms. The mobile work-on-the-go capability further extends crew flexibility shipwide, ensuring that the crew can focus on critical time on tool and not be burdened by administrative paperwork.

* Reduces PTW audit preparations to mere minutes

Completed permits-to-work, risk assessments and safety checklist documents are now consolidated and stored in a single system. These documents are automatically synchronized from ship to shore onto the cloud in near real-time for easy access, further enabling new remote auditing capabilities for the shore team.


* Enhances compliance and safety

With an integrated step-by-step PTW workflow system coupled with near real-time line of sight into ongoing safety operations, the crew and shore teams now have greater assurance that safety processes are being followed throughout the vessel. This visibility of ongoing safety operations has encouraged positive crew behavior change and improved procedural compliance for high-hazard work.


In addition, operational reporting and data analytics through the Office Portal enables the shore team to actively monitor vessel and crew performance. Over time, these actionable insights and leading indicators will enable key stakeholders to drive continuous process improvements, leading to increased safety standards fleetwide.


* Contributes to sustainability integrated PTWs eliminate paper-based forms and, more importantly, are less labour-intensive. The crew is spared having to expend much time and effort in producing voluminous paper forms, which involves filling up many fields, proofreading and manually checking for errors before submitting for approval. With the validation protocols of its built-in forms, can likewise reduce clerical errors and standardize fleetwide workflows over time. This will contribute to an improved crew safety culture.

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