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Captain Daniel Alcantara
Head of HSSE and Solution Delivery

Captain Daniel Alcantara, Head of HSSE and Solution Delivery at SOL-X

Captain Daniel Alcantara holds a Master Class 1, COC Maritime Transportation and Technologies with extensive experience from the Maritime industry. A Devoted Safety Practitioner. He has over 30 years of experience both combined at sea and ashore. Served as a Captain and HSSE expert, previously Head of Documentation at AET Tankers.

Captain Daniel Alcantara is Head of HSSE and leads our Solution Delivery team, ensuring our solution is implemented successfully on all vessels. His deep insights on safety management are critical in designing breakthrough safety solutions with our product, design & engineering teams. 

1) How has safety evolved in Oil & Gas, maritime industries during your time?

Capt. Daniel: “Safety has progressed substantially over time. The International Safety Management (ISM) Code was adopted in the 1990s which requires an operator to manage their vessels safely. Safety Initiatives were not something dictated but mostly spearheaded by the Oil Majors & the Maritime Industry has been collaborating well & coping with those requirements. 

Taking the example of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in the early 1990s, I remember seeing minimal PPE being deployed and it did take quite a few years for acceptance – seafarers were complacent whilst the operators were inclined towards cost management. Over the years, various types of PPE were introduced for use. This is no longer an option under the Maritime Labor Convention; operators are required to provide a safe place of work for their crew members which includes PPE. It is obvious safety standards have improved since the 1990s but at a very slow rate.”

2) How do you think that technology can be game changer for Safety and Crew Wellbeing?

Capt. Daniel: “All Safety Practitioners have good intentions to improve Health & Safety. All the methodologies and initiatives are rolled out progressively if not repeatedly. Studies have accurately pointed out to focus on People. Recently, there have been a lot of emphasis & awareness being focused on Health and Wellbeing by the industry players. Safety Standards have improved but at a very slow rate; and inconsistent safety results are being observed for most organizations. This could be due to several reasons such as forced involvement, ‘big brother gotcha’ approach, punitive actions etc. Others include slow feedback & lack of a ‘closed loop’ to resolve an observation, resulting in loss of interest by seafarers.

While we still rely heavily on lagging indicators, the industry data indicates that major accidents reoccur over a certain time cycle – and points towards Human Factor failure post analysis. Sadly people continue to get hurt.

At SOL-X, we strongly feel safety advocates & industry players must make this paradigm shift using technology to manage safety in the 21st century. We need to step up our game in the safety space to identify leading indicators instead of lagging indicators. Through IIOT/real time data capabilities, there are now means for uncovering Human Factor behaviors & actionable insights in good time, before something goes wrong. With the use o we would see great opportunity to significantly compliment Behavior Based Safety processes within any industrial space.”

Captain Daniel Alcantara
Head of HSSE and Solution Delivery

30Y+ experience in leadership positions with NOL and AET Ship Management Head of Documents & Systems, Marine Superintendent & HSSEQ Master COC, Class 1


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