INTERTANKO updates its Crew Welfare Management and Mental Wellness guide

March 12, 2021

The guide was first launched in early July 2020 when INTERTANKO Human Element in Shipping Committee (HEiSC) developed guidance and recommendations on crew welfare and mental wellness for crewing managers and shore teams.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic which has led to widespread concerns over its effects on people's lives and employment, seafarers are not spared in their anxieties about their families and loved ones back home. These may affect the wellbeing of seafarers. Unpleasant and negative thoughts and feelings can escalate rapidly, making it challenging for those on board to find the energy to continue and concentrate on their daily tasks. Although seafarers access news and hear stories from home, they may feel disconnected and unable to engage. This is worsened by social distancing measures and global quarantine efforts.

If left undetected, or if seafarers do not have the outlet to process these thoughts and feelings, or have not had the opportunity to develop coping strategies, they can become overwhelmed and potentially suffer from depression or psychosis.

The pandemic has highlighted a need for more guidance on how to manage crew welfare and mental wellness management. With this in mind, INTERTANKO prepared these recommendations, which are written especially, but not exclusively, for crewing managers and shore teams. This guide was launched in January 2021 as version 2.0. The guidance includes advice on helping seafarers to deal with emotional stress and overcome negative feelings.

Find out more by reading INTERTANKO's second edition of its Crew Welfare Management and Mental Wellness.

(Photo credits: Image from INTERTANKO guide on Crew Welfare Management and Mental Wellness)

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