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  • How can a Shipping Company Effectively Use Big Data in Maritime Industry?
Captain Daniel Alcantara
Head of HSSE and Solution Delivery

Prior to the advent of big data, organizations used traditional technologies to analyze large datasets collected from conventional sources. However, with the advent of big data, it has become easier to perform. Analytics now considers and analyzes unconventional data in real-time nodes, as well as in batch mode.

A game changing technology for the shipping industry which completely transforms the way you look at your business. A tool that is getting aggressively adopted by shipping companies worldwide.

Big data and leading indicators are used to make better decisions and for predictive analysis. This is crucial for continuous improvements in safety and compliance, crew wellbeing and to improve the overall operational efficiency of the maritime industry.

Benefits include:

🔹 Enhanced performance monitoring
🔹 Benchmarking high-risk activities fleetwide
🔹 Standardization and sharing of best practices
🔹 Improved efficacy of crew wellbeing programs
🔹 Early indicators of underlying health issues and reduces risk of incidents

Captain Daniel Alcantara
Head of HSSE and Solution Delivery

30Y+ experience in leadership positions with NOL and AET Ship Management Head of Documents & Systems, Marine Superintendent & HSSEQ Master COC, Class 1


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