is a Behavioral Based Safety 4.0 System addressing Human Factors

Combining an enhanced Control of Work with Crew Wellbeing enabled by IoT and AI technologies selected by Eaglestar as maritime shifts towards safety solutions centred around human factors

SOL-X is pleased to announce that its product has been selected by Eaglestar to extend the human factors approach to safety and operational excellence.

66% of Incidents and Injuries can be attributed to the “Human Element”

(Source: EMSA. Annual overview of marine casualties and incidents 2019)

Why Should You Use


Streamlined digital workflows, ship shore connectivity and drive tangible cost savings

More than 4,600 total man hours saved

More than US$60,000 productivity value

*Based on data collected from customer usage of

SAFETY & Compliance

Crew Situational Awareness with near real-time visibility and virtual barrier management​

More than US$25,000* average cost avoided for compliance/safety incident

Improved procedural compliance

*Based on P&I Club estimate


Connected wellbeing and crew empowerment through leading indicators

Mental Wellbeing
Reduction in manual paperwork and fatigue
Improved workload management

Behavioral Based Safety
Crew empowered to change behavior through situational awareness

Business Competitiveness

Enhanced reputation through 'Digital Ship' and Safety Leadership

Improved safety rating through enhanced control of work and compliance

Safety Leader​ship
Towards zero incident

Digital Ship
Enabling Shipping 4.0 through IOT

“It Improves efficiency by 1 hours & 40 minutes to be fully compliance.”

– Captain Daniel, Bunga Kasturi Enam





Projects Completed


Dedicated Members selected by Eaglestar as maritime shifts towards safety solutions centred around human factors selected by Eaglestar as maritime shifts towards safety solutions centred around human factors

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Benefits of a Digital Permit To Work System

How digitalised safety workflows can drive efficiency and Behavioral Based Safety in maritime  

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Leading Indicators are a valuable tool to improve Safety and Health Outcomes by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

Using Leading Indicators to Improve Safety and Health Outcomes

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What Seafarers Say About

3rd Officer

Third Officer

" really helps me in maintaining a very good watch of the safety of the crew working on deck. I can actually see them, their  whereabouts on deck or where they are on the vessel."

Chief Officer

Chief Officer

"It’s a good system. I can see how many permits are already active in our daily work, and how much time is remaining for termination. I can easily monitor crew from"



"When it comes to audit preparation, everything is archived. All I have to do is go to the dashboard, go to the archive, and retrieve the permit. And from the office point of view, I don’t have to sift any, scan or send emails. Definitely it saves a lot of time; saves the environment."

Vessel Superintendent

Chief Officer

"Pump Room is a hazardous area. With the system, we know when the Pump Room man or anybody who went to the Pump Room, is still in there, and if there is no movement, we can act fast."

2nd Officer

Reviewer Position

"With, you save a lot of time. When approving a PTW, it avoids the need to run up and down, here and there, to look for the Master for review and sign off"

Marine Superintendent

Reviewer Position

"Crew can press the Crew Assist button if they have any difficulty....if somebody has any injury, or some sort of other difficulty, they can always ask for assistance. So that is how he helps himself."

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