Addressing Human Factors
in Safety Through IIoT

We provide industrial safety solutions that keep workers safe.
As part of a Safety Management System, we improve workplace safety and compliance outcomes, enhance operational excellence and raise worker wellbeing standards.

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Shell International Trading and Shipping has partnered with SOL-X to trial its safety solution, SOL-X,
on one of Shell’s LNG tankers to further enhance workers safety management practice.

We improve safety in industrial workplaces

66% of incidents and casualties are caused by
“Human Factors”

Source: EMSA. Annual overview of marine casualties and incidents 2019


Combines an enhanced Control Of Work with a holistic approach to Workers Wellbeing


SOL-X augments Safety Management Systems by improving safety outcomes, “human reliability” and safety workflow automation. As part of a safety management system, it improves visibility, enhances operational procedures and situational awareness for workers across hazardous operations on commercial vessels and worksites.


ATEX Certified SmartWatch for safety operations and managing workers wellbeing in hazardous work zones


The SOL-X SmartWatch enhances existing Safety Management Systems by providing Connected Worker health and safety benefits. It enables connected wellbeing programs, provides near real time visibility to front line workers operations and enhances their situational awareness.

What we can do for you

Benefits of SOL-X, part of Safety Management System

Time and cost savings through improved operational excellence per vessel

Reduction in out of pocket cost of an injury incident

Reduction in out of pocket cost of a medical incident

Man hours saved in improved productivity

  • How credible is your industrial safety solution?
    We are made up of a team of seasoned technologists, maritime and HSSE experts, some with decades of industrial safety experience.
  • Is this ship safety management solution used onboard ships only?
    No, it can be used both onboard ships and on worksites. It is a way to ensure that organizations meet their health, safety and environmental obligations.
  • What drove the establishment of SOL-X?
    Our team of maritime and safety management experts saw a clear gap in current industrial safety solutions – none of them were effectively addressing human factors, which were causing 66% of maritime incidents and casualties. This presented a big opportunity for us to create impact through IIoT and AI technology in the industrial environment.
  • What is the level of solution support?
    We have a strong team of skilled engineers, experienced solution delivery personnel and ex-seafarers who will help to deploy our safety management system and provide you with good after-sales technical support and training.

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